About Us

This is our third year as a team in the FIRST Robotics competition.

We are a team of dedicated, determined, and brilliant -yet modest- high school students of Rudyard High School, who all share one goal: to build a competitive robot. Along the way, we learn to work with mechanics, electricity, and budgeting – all while as part of a team. We strive for excellence and crave results. We assure you that you have never met a group so dedicated to paving a path toward our ambitious futures!

Robotics is not just about building a robot. It is about the whole process – from design to construction, fundraising to budgeting, and training to specialized execution. At its core, robotics is about inspiring kids by giving them a taste of what engineering and running a business is like in the real world.

Our Goals

  • Build a superior robot
  • Qualify for Nationals
  • Develop life-long skills
  • Bring more hands-on science and engineering to our school
  • Advance our maths and sciences

    Our team is composed of three main divisions: Robotics division, Business division, and Strategy division. Each team, led by a student director, plays a vital role in achieving the team’s goals.

The Robotics division is in charge of training students to become engineers while designing, constructing, and maintaining each season’s robot. There are five sub-divisions inside the Robotics division: Mechanics, Programming, Electronics, and Pneumatics.

The Business division keeps track of finances, designs logos and tee-shirts, publicizes the team, and plans the logistics of every event. There are four sub-divisions in the Business division: Operations, Finance, Communications, and Design.

Finally, the Strategy division takes charge of mastering each season’s rule book, developing game play strategy, selecting the Drive Team for the robot competition, and ensuring our constructed robot fits inside the set regulations of each season’s game. There are three sub-divisions in the Strategy division: ResearchScouting, and Competition Drive Team.